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Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planner is a professional person who will be with you throughout the whole wedding process from A to Z.


From the day you decide to marry, to the end of your wedding day, together with a systematic approach under your service.


Please visit our website for our Wedding Planning services.


Engagement is the first step you take to the marriage and demonstration of the beginning of a brand new life with the person you like.


As the Saba Event team, we are providing help at preperation of your engagement ceremony

 Whether you are planning a day in the home environment, intimate, or in a stylish outing near the center, we plan that it should be unforgettable.


We have a lot of services, from organizing and decorating the place, to checking the guest list and planning the budget.


While we are coordinating your day, you lean back and enjoy the moment with your loved ones.

Henna Night Organization

Henna night is the most beautiful tradition of a wedding.

Every bride wants to be special on this day and  stay on the minds.

Our team develop the concept according to your dreams and wishes. We are here to turn your henna night into a memorable evening in the specially prepared henna room, accompanied by dj and dance shows.


  • Different and original room recommendations

  • Henna organization and management

  • Event concept and design development

  • Concept arrangement

  • Bridges and pillows

  • Bridesmaid girl team

  • Female DJ and Dance Team

  • Henna designer

  • Women security officers

Bride's Bath

This tradition that has been going on for centuries, although it has changed a little in the present day, still maintains its popularity.


In order to throw away your stress before the wedding and have plenty of fun with your friends in an intimate environment, we offer you our bridal bath service.


  • Recommended bridal bath room

  • Ornament and organization of the place

  • Catering services

  • Bridesmaid girl team

  • Female DJ and dance team

  • Souvenirs (peştemal, soap, pouch ..)

The circumcision feast has a very important place compared to Turkish traditions and customs. It is also seen as the first marriage of a male child.


In this special day of your child, we provide the best service for you to feel happy and decrease your fear.


  • Location decoration

  • Circumcision

  • Circumcision suit

  • Divine or musician

  • Clown and animation team

  • Sound system

  • Demonstration teams (mechter team, puppet show etc ..)

Birthday Party

Birthday parties have an important place in every child's life.

As the Saba Event team, we are committed to having a special, memorable birthday for your child.


A few weeks ago from party, we to start the preparations together with parents and children.

According to the number of guests, we organize our activity in your home or a suitable space.


(We have packages for every budget.)

Baby Shower

We are here to give you an unforgettable moment and stress-free planning!

When planning a Baby Shower, we provide every service you need.


  • Different and original space recommendations

  • Special design invitations

  • Event concept and design development

  • Party and decor materials

  • Catering recommendation and Menu selection

  • Event timeline and scheduling

Decoration of Hospital Room

We are transforming the hospital room, where you have your baby in your lap, the most unique feelings, into a cute and colorful one for you.


To add happiness to your happiness, to make your baby's first photographs more beautiful, we want to share your excitement.


  • Doorknock and jewelry pad

  • Baby cunt decoration

  • Room and table decoration

  • Hospitality and Sherbets

  • Gifts for visitors

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