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We provide education consultancy to students interested to improve their languages abroad or who would like to be educated abroad for high school, university and master programs.

With our partner schools located in America, Canada, Malta, England, Australia and many other countries, it is easy to learn a language.

Education consultancy and visa tracking processes are free of charge.

Foreign Education Company


As SABA Education team; we aim to assist you to learn foreign languages in our office and if you would like to improve your language in a foreign country, we offer you a vast option that you select which one you prefer.

We are representing top-quality local and global language courses. A student can select Europe, America or Canada to improve his/her language.


The language option is very wide: English, German, French, Spanish, Italien, etc.


The student can select a country that she/he wants to be educated in. Our partner companies are located in many cities.


Additionally, we consult students by selecting the right university for their academic career.


It does not matter whether the student would like to have a bachelor, master or Ph.D. program.

We even provide different certificate programs where the student can get an education for one or two semesters.

Work & Study is one of the provided options for long term education in Canada. Student can earn well while they learn and get a diploma at the end.

Last but not least we help foreign students to enter Turkish Universities. We assist them to select the right university and accommodation. 

About Saba


Address:       Aşağı öveçler mah. 1322.cadde 28/13

                                     Çankaya / ANKARA

Prag Office: Krasova 802/25, Praha 3, 

                                     Prag / Çek Cumhuriyeti

Telephone:    0312 999 90 26 

                  0541 503 99 73



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