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1) Foreign Trade Education Consultancy:


We provide to your company training on foreign trade from A to Z.

Some of the topics covered in this training are;


-General foreign trade concept education

-Business plan training in foreign trade

-International marketing methods and reliable customer finding techniques

-Export and import methods and rules

-Customs legislation and practices

-INCOTERMS 2010 terms training

-Documents required for foreign trade

-Foreign trade payment methods

-Foreign state supports

- The importance of foreign trade free zones

2) Real Foreign Trade Consultancy:


As a company owner, you may want to sell your products abroad or import major

products from abroad. For this you have to have foreign language(s) as well as foreign

trade knowledge. Most importantly, you must have the time to do this job.

A second option is to employ a staff member of international relations or a foreign trade

graduate and you wait for him to do these things for you.

It is not that easy to determine qualitative and qualified foreign trade experts and to

employ them.

If you want to be a player in foreign trade, we may be your assistant as SABA;


1) If the customer / customers is/are certain to sell your products; We control all the

stages of the export that will take place and we carry out your correspondence.


2) In the country you want to export; we do market research related to the related

product(s) and we measure your competitive power by examining the tax and other


In order to avoid bad situtations in product sales, we contact qualified companies

and prepare a business plan at exporting products and we carry out the export.

 We follow all  permits, customs and legislation related matters that come to

mind from exportation, and we act jointly with you at all stages.


3) We negotiate with companies you want to import the product, we follow step by

step import procedures, so we ensure that the products reach Turkey. Before taking
action; we provide you with general information about its  place in Turkish market

based on our internal market research related to the product to be imported, .


Our aim as SABA firm; is to be the solution partners in the foreign trade operations

of the enterprises against the increasing costs every day.

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